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Longmont should prevent assaults- Neomi A., Malie S., and John S:

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These past few weeks, we have been working on a Civic Action Project for our government class at Silver Creek High School. We proposed changing what we believed is an issue in our community. My name is Neomi A., and my partners, Malie S. and John S. and I have unraveled a serious safety problem in our city and the surrounding area.

We are concerned about the amount of assaults and harassment on college campuses and in the cities of Colorado. We have proposed to try to decrease theseacts of injustice by placing emergency landline phones called blue light phones in the city. However, after meeting with the director of safety, Stuart Pike, at the University of Colorado -Boulder, we realized that emergency phones are not the most efficient way to solve the safety problem. So, what is the solution?

Stuart Pike is in the process of working on an application or app that he believes would be more efficient. It's more efficient because the emergency phones are outdated, nobody knows how to use them, and everyone has cell phones. Pike stated that students were confused by the landline and tried to connect their cell phone to it, which shows that technology has surpassed the use of the blue light landlines.

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