Time to help veterans

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           The policy is about helping the veterans and those who just got done with there tour, the facts say that about every 20 out of 100 veterans have ptsd, that 49,933 veterans are home less, when you see a homeless person they most likely have served for the county. Military people coming home after be deployed in horrible situation, it does take a toll on them physical  and mental, it is now our turn to help them because they sacrifice everyday and every minute while on duty. This program is about having meetings for them to talk about what happened, so that they can face the real world again, for those who do break for them to get help , so they can get back on there feet so they can function back in society with the rest of us, so they can do there part in our economy to keep us a float. This program will help with veterans who have issues to deal with them, so that they do not hurt others or themselves, because some vets gone off to go on killing spree and or killed them self because they could not handle what has happened and what was their part in it. Why citizen should care about this that, they fought his county to be free and they also continue to fight four our freedom and that they give their lives up for us and now it is our turn.