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Bullying is a big issue in America. Bullying is unnecessary and destroys lives. Psychologically kids/students who experience bullying are affected. Their percentage of being successful decreases and feel emotional distress (depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and also decreases their academic achievement). Bullying does not only happen physically or verbally but it also happens through the World Wide Web. Many kids suffer from bullying and a lot of the people who do bully kids are doing it behind the scenes, where it seems like nothing can be done.


Over 3.2 million students are being bullied each year. One third of people that are being bullied admit that it also happens through the web (cyber). This becomes a huge effect on their education and their grades and performance drops drastically.


Technology is improving drastically. Each day we discover new ways to connect to the internet. Every second, thousands and thousands of gigabytes data is being used just on social media. And millions of people are sharing information with each other every second. The question is who is monitoring what goes on the cyber world? Is it even safe? The safest law and protection we have that we inforce is the Patriot Act which only protects the U.S. as a whole from any terrorism. In 2007-2014, 23% of students were victims in the period of 7 years. 83% percent of students say bullying has a negative impact on their self – esteem. The goal for the policy is to decrease the percentage of victims who are exposed to cyber bullying and also discipline those who abuse internet rights. To abuse rights is to offend another person or dehumanizing another. No one should be victims of bullying; it destroys lives and can ruin someone’s future. In order for victims of Cyber bullying to decrease, there must be some type supervision or a filter to things that are posted online so that no can be offended. Now offense can vary because some people can take things offensively when no harm was intended. Companies that make product or something that is used by the consumers are responsible for any danger or harm the product could bring to a human being. Social media companies make their websites or media very vulnerable to cyber bullying. Anything can be shared online and not many people will say or report the problem to an older person. Facebook happens to be one of the worst social media websites for bullying. Although Facebook is not responsible for the death or victims of cyberbullying, they do make it accessible and easy attempt and succeed. In this case Facebook and many other Social media companies should discipline those who abuse Internet rights and filter their websites. This would cost money for Social media companies in order to filter or hire extra people to over watch the internet. Now the funding for the Social media companies makes a great amount of money so it would not be an issue paying it off. Social Media Companies would be against this new policy. For them, this would require changing agreement policies hiring more people for coding and also to oversee and take of any issues of abuse if they do occur.


If this policy passed, victims to bullies will decrease dramatically. It would be a lot harder to bully someone online because if there are any dehumanizing, or abuse to website policy, then the post or citizen’s account would be suspended or charged. The internet would be a safer place for people to use, without any harm coming to them. This policy will not only impact the users of the internet but also the psychological health and well-being of people. The suicide percentage will decrease and their educational success will also increase. When bullied, our self-esteem decreases and we tend to do whatever to avoid it. A lot of the times bullying relates to school, they tend to skip school and therefore loose a big chunk of knowledge in their life. This policy will help the schools as well because if there is abuse coming from students at school, then that causes fear within, and would drive away students and their motivation to learn.

The big disadvantage to this policy is that it only looks at one side of a situation. Cyber/bullies don’t just do abusive and hurtful things for no reason. A big part of bullies’ lives happens from behind the scenes. Someone who catches a bully online and charges them for abuse might won’t know what they may be going through or understand where they come from. A bullies’ life can be just as hard as victim’s life. If they were to be charged or put in jail, there is no sympathy for them.

This policy does not strictly ask or enforce a specific method to decrease cyber bullying but for them to figure their own method to decrease bullying. In this way, social media companies could either hire people to supervise the website or create code that would automatically do filter.


Governments and positions such as president also provide support and have their attention to the Bullying. It brings up regards to as a parent to them, and concerns their safety.