Restrict the over use of Perfumes and colognes within the school

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Edited by Alexander, Tuesday, 15 December 2015, 9:54 AM

           Due to the health concerns arising from the exposure to scented products, our goal is to stop allergic reactions from strong scenting perfumes/ colognes at school.

20% of students have contact dermatitis, meaning that 20% of all students will have a reaction to perfumes and colognes. A little bit of perfume and a tiny bit of cologne is

okay but students tend to really over use it stinking up entire classrooms, buses and locker rooms not caring about others and their allergies to their toxic spray. Even if you

aren't one of the 20% it still bothers you with its stench making your eyes and nose sting as it floats across the room and into the noses of all your peers, its invisible tendrils

poisoning the air you breath. An entire school (Medgar Evers College prep school) was evacuated after students used too much body spray. 10 people had to be

hospitalized due to people trying to smell good and putting too much on. Not only is this putting students and teachers at risk but its endangering the learning of students, it

should not be allowed to happen. That's why we are enforcing the policy. The policy would be that the overuse of Axe and other body sprays will be met with being sent home

and a phone call home to parents. If it happens again the student will get detention. To determine if body sprays have been over used will be up to a teacher or other staff

member, trust me you can tell when overuse has been used. this policy will be effective after winter break. If it works in schools then the over use of body sprays should be

used in public and retain the same laws and rules as smoking in public to avoid more people getting hurt by overuse. It will be better for people and even for the enviroment.

spray cans like the axe body spray cans greatly effect the ozone layer and stopping the over use will help quite a bit.