Child Obesity

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The problem i will be adressing is about how children are constantly gaining weight and nobody is doing anything about it. children can start gaining body fat in the womb. the baby take in all the food the mother does so if the mother eats unhealthy food the baby will have more body fat than needed and make the birth a challenge. and then most babies are bottle fed when that is worse than breast milk. the mother produces their own FREE milk but yet for some reason they go out and buy 50 dollar containers of formula. and it just keeps going after that. its not like the kids have the choice what the buy at the store its the parents. the parents arent makeing good choices for the children to stay under a certain body fat percentage. i chose this issue because the government is spending uneeded money on people who are just flat out lazy. i purpose that we make off these unhealthy food companies have higher standards for their products like mcdonalds. everything you can get from there is straight body fat. if they had healthy meat bread and cheese like subway the rate of obese people in america would decrease drastically. what i hope to  acomplish is to get parents to feed their children healthy food and get a good workout in like running or playing games or sports. if we can get food companies the sell healthier food the goverment will spend less on health care because people will be healther and food companies will even make more money because they will be selling fast delicious healthy food instead of makeing people feel guilty when they eat their food.

Ben M



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how do you plan on getting companies to sell healthier foods?