Stronger Than Before

Visible to anyone in the world

I am introducing a support group for teens here at Todd Beamer High School. This is a support group for any teenager who is in need of help and encourage them to open up about their problems. For example when they are stressed about issues in their own home, or at school, cyber bullied or peer pressured. This group would offer the teens a community of friends to talk to. The group would be divided amongst grade levels, this is because of the difference in maturity levels and difference of issues they may be experiencing. In the group we only talk about things where teens feel comfortable of sharing. Also there will be rules that would be arranged in the group for everyone to be able to open up and trust one another. In the end of the group we will share our goals that have been accomplished or hope to accomplish after the group is over.


I have researched that in America 30 percent of teens reported feeling sad or depressed because of stress and 31 percent felt overwhelmed. I was once stressed and still am today. But I've found ways to better myself. I would like to take action and start a support group for teens who are stressed. Ways to get the news out is to have it announced on the intercom or have multiple copies of flyers posted on the wall to get the word out. When getting together as a group the best time to have it would be during lunch because having the group during class time will be an issue. Students wouldn't be forced to join the group, this group is open to everyone . It would take time for teens to open up.


To start the group off, for the group to be able to trust one another. Have a rule to stick to and have confidential to what's said in the group. Having a rule is important to have when associating about problems to other people you don't know or you've just met. A rule that I've came up with is “Step up, step down.”  Which means have the same respect for others when you were talking. Also another one would be “ Don't yuck my yum” Meaning if you have something negative to say, keep it to yourself. Because saying more negative things would only make others feel uncomfortable. Lastly, thinking twice before saying it. I say this because people can be quick to say things but doesn't know it may affect others.


At the end of the group, discuss what you've accomplished and the goals you have set after the group is over, to keep you going from where you started. When setting goals everyone's ideas should be represented. This creates many positive results because people will support and be responsible for what they help create. With everyone's ideas and opinions considered, your goals will represent a group consensus rather than one person's opinion. It creates Greater commitment and motivation among officers and members to help achieve goals. Also you can feel better about yourself.


In conclusion, A support group would be a great idea considering the amount of stress teenagers are under. Starting a group for teens at my age could be stressful but it is a great way to create peace with each other. There are other ways to solve with stress beginning with this group. As I mentioned from the start I was that girl, that was stressed and had no clue what to do but to doubt myself in everything. But one day I talked with another student and we shared stories about what made us stress. We both made a promise to keep it between the two of us and that's where trust is built. Together we set goals and promised to never go back to who we were before. There is a drastic change in one's self esteem when you are able to confide with someone.