No Drop-off on Red Sidewalk

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Edited by Lourdes, Monday, 12 January 2015, 4:08 PM

There are many parents that either pick-up or drop-off their kids inside the school’s student parking lot, rather than using the “loop,” which is designed for the sole purpose to pick-up and drop-off. It’s causing congestion inside the parking lot and poses a fire hazard because they are parking next to a red fire-lane sidewalk.

The congestion will result in traffic and some student who try to park have complained that they have been tardy to class because of this. Another problem is that in the case of a fire or some other type of emergency, the fire-trucks, ambulances, and police cars will have a hard time trying to park their vehicle because parents’ cars get in the way.

The vehicle code12.64.225 Parking Against Red Curb states: a person shall not stop, park , or leave their vehicle adjacent to a curb that is designated by a red paint. We want to enforce this policy more to let parents know that what they are doing is illegal and hazardous.

We want to work on this to prevent accidents and prevent complications to the emergency services. Surveys that we’ve created were given to students that use that parking lot, and all of them agreed that it indeed does cause a problem for them when they try to park and or leave. Also, students that are dropped-off by the red zone were asked if they knew their parents were parking next to a sidewalk painted in red. Most of them responded that they had no idea and that they didn’t notice the red paint. Our buy-in from this problem is that students that park in that parking lot, which includes me and other students with a permit with a a permit to drive, will not have to go through the congestion that is currently happening, and the emergency services will not have to struggle to find an area to park and quickly respond to an emergency.

We will contact our school’s sheriff and discuss the problem. We are going to have the sheriff park his vehicle by the area where the congestion is happening, for a few days to keep the parents from parking there. We are also thinking of making the district have create a sign to emphasize to the parents that what they are doing is illegal and possibly receive a fine for doing so.