Multimedia Contest

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Fall 2020 Multimedia Contest Winners

1st Place

Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

Jorge M.
Bennett Day Upper School, Chicago IL



Climate Change

Leslie C.
Bennett Day Upper School, Chicago IL

climate change

3rd Place

Fighting the Consequences of Gentrification

Abigail R.
Bennett Day Upper School, Chicago IL


Honorable Mention

Recycling at COS and UPHS

Adelaide P.
University Preparatory High School, Visalia CA


You’re making a difference! Through Civic Action Project, you are working on important issues that people care about. Enter the CAP contest and show the nation how you are making a difference.

 Simply follow the guidelines and be creative in how you share your CAP story.

 How do I tell my story?

 Tell your story in any digital format you choose. Format examples:

  • Presentation (PowerPoint, PDF, etc.)
  • Video (e.g., documentary, PSA, etc., up to five minutes)
  • Social media (e.g., an Instagram Story, website, etc.)

 What should my contest entry include?

 Your entry should include:

  1. An explanation of the specific problem or issue you worked on;
  2. Reasons why the problem or issue is important to you and/or your community, and;
  3. Descriptions of the civic actions you took to make change and influence public policy.

 All entries will be judged on how well you followed the guidelines above.

 How do I enter the contest?

 Once your contest entry is ready, complete the online entry form (instructions included in entry form).

The deadline to submit your entry is Friday, May 21, 2021.

If you have any questions or need assistance, email David De La Torre at

Important notice about copyright!

Please do not use any copyrighted video, music, images, or text without the express permission of the copyright owner. Replace any copyrighted material you do not have permission to use with video, music, and images that are copyright-free or that have a Creative Commons license.

Entries will be considered for the following awards:

1st Place $100.00 |  2nd Place $75.00 | 3rd Place $50.00 

1st Place

Safety at COS (College of the Sequoias)

Brittney S., Corina F., and Aubrey L.
University Preparatory High School, Visalia CA


2nd Place

Breed Equality

Elizabeth R.
Silver Creek High School, CO

breed specifid

3rd Place

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Andrea C. and Tamara G.
The International School Nido de Aguilas, Chile


Honorable Metion

Block Schedule

William J. W.
Fayston Preparatory School, South Korea

Block Schedule

Student Parking

Mirh N.
Arroyo High School, San Lorenzo CA


Food Waste

Ava D.
The Grauer School, San Diego CA 


Food Waste


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