Lights on the field.

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  1. Our civic action group is currently working towards the installments of lights to our football field. The reason we have chose this civic action is because our school doesn’t have night games unlike most other schools and that takes away a lot of high school spirit and doesn’t represent our school as much. The less games that are school hosts, the less people know about our school the more it hurts TL’s reputation.

  2. Having lights on our football field would improve multiple aspects of our school. First and foremost, the lights would provided a much needed school spirit boost. This boost in school spirit will not only transform the atmosphere in our school, but it will also draw more students and parents to games, which will, in turn, increase the revenue generated by the games. This money would help fund the football team, as well as TL’s other athletic programmes. However, the lights will not only improve attendance at football games, but the boost in school spirit would increase attendance at all TL events. More students attending athletic events would also give our athletes and added incentive to perform, which will improve our sports programmes as well.

  1. With our project we are hoping to t boost school spirit and get lights on our football field

     4. As a result of more school spirit, students will be more involved in school, their grades will improve, and over all kids will be well balanced in the academic and social life in a healthy way. Young teenages need somthing good to do during the night that will keep them out of trouble. Night Games offer them something fun and participating in their school spirit is a great thing to have.

     5. Our civic actions that we have done are looking up public policies, speaking the the head of the athletic department, sending a letter to our administrator, and also speaking to our principal.



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Might as well do it all right? In the process of putting in lights we should do the whole thing, and not just the football/soccer field but also the baseball and softball field. It would be cool to have each school be their own home field and not shared. Girls and boys soccer would enjoy night games on their home fields as well. In the mean time ALL the fields should get the same attention. Not just one team/field benefitting. Lights, a stadium, new turf, decent sand and grass should all be made possible. Money will always be an issue but theres ways to fund for these things. It would just be nice to have all the sports teams treated the same, lights is a cool idea if put in for all the fields.