Montessori Schools

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Schools nowadays have become so dependent on the use of technology that they've lost the ability to let students learn with hands on activities. Schools only focus on teaching you the information to pass the standardized tests than the information that will get you farther in life. Making schools become montessori will get students to engage more with the class through hands on activities and there'll be smaller class sizes for more one on one with the teacher/instructor. This set up will hopefully encourage more students to do well in school, which in turn will reduce the drop out rate. As well as encourage those students to find a career that they are interested in, so they can further educate themselves through a university, trade school, or technical college.


Goals: Make schools more interesting with hands on learning, smaller class sizes, and more one-on-one time with teachers.



  • Students- Learn information in unique and different ways which in turn will make them more interested in education.
  • Parents- Their children would be more willing to get a higher education knowing what they want to do.
  • Teachers- They will have more students passing their classes with higher grades.



  • Teachers- Would have to be more involved with their students learning
  • Taxpayers- In order for classes to be more interesting the schools would need to buy more supplies.
  • Schools Districts- With class sizes being smaller, school systems would need to find ways of offering more classes without changing school size.



  • More one-on-one time for students to get help from teachers.
  • Smaller class sizes.
  • Hands on projects will keep student interested in learning.
  • Students will get better grades from being more interested in school (Hopefully).
  • Students will know what they want to learn for their major/minor.
  • Reduced drop out rate (Hopefully).
  • More jobs for teachers.


  • Limited number of students allowed in schools.
  • School systems would need to enlarge schools or create more schools.
  • Not all students enjoy hands on learning.
  • Taxes would go up to pay for the supplies.


Feel free to ask any questions or offer up ideas to make this better. We're open to suggestions.


-Selena Krivoruchko, Kenya Parker, Nastasjia Plunkett