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Gregorio Medina

gregGregorio Medina, Senior Program Director

I have over 20 years of experience providing workshops and professional-development sessions for youth, educators, and program staff seeking ways to incorporate civic- and law-related activities into their school or community-based programs. I currently co-direct CRF’s Civic Action Project (aka CAP), which is a web- and standards-based practicum for U.S. government classes. I am a native Angeleno and graduate of East L.A. and Occidental Colleges. In addition to my enduring love for the L.A. Dodgers, I enjoy exploring L.A.’s hiking and biking trails from the Pacific Coast Highway to Angeles Crest Highway. I look forward to working with teachers in your school or district to support your civic-engagement program needs!


lauraLaura Wesley, Associate Director of Programs 

Here at CRF, I am responsible for various law-related education and civic programs. I have 15 years of experience working in civic- and law-related education, as well as extensive experience with program design and implementation, curriculum development, and conducting teacher training and volunteer recruitment. I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology and social behavior, and criminology law and society from University of California, Irvine, and I received my law degree from University of Colorado, Boulder. I am also a licensed attorney in both Colorado and California. I love sports and I can be persuaded to do karaoke. I also hope to get a CRF softball team started up in the near future.


Sarah Badawi, Senior Program Director

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davidDavid De La Torre, Program Manager

My work at CRF has afforded me 18 years of experience providing local, regional, and national training to youth, educators, and other professionals seeking ways to integrate civic- and law-related activities into their educational programs. I’m currently on the team for CRF’s. I also am responsible for filming and editing projects to help promote and showcase CRF programs. I have degrees in political science and history. I haven’t settled on a hobby, but have thus far enjoyed searching for one.

KeriKeri Doggett, Director of Programs

With CRF for over 20 years, Keri oversees CRF's programs and participates in their design and dissemination for elementary, middle, and high school students and teachers. She develops curriculum materials, provides leadership in the design and delivery of CRF teacher professional development, works directly with researchers to evaluate CRF programs, and works with Marshall Croddy and the Board of Directors on fundraising, making new partnerships, and outreach. In her tenure at CRF she has directed national, state, and local programs including History Day, over a dozen Teaching American History projects, and Civic Action Project. Prior to joining CRF, Keri taught for ten years in Jefferson County Public Schools in Colorado.


Constitutional Rights Foundation, 601 South Kingsley Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90005











Fall 2018 PSA Contest Winners Announced!
We’d like to thank students from across the CAP nation who submitted entries to our fall 2018 PSA contest! The CAP Youth Board (CYB) has reviewed and judged all of the entries and would like to congratulate students from San Lorenzo High School in San Lorenzo, CA, for their PSA focusing on the issue of gun control.

Other winning entries focused on the topics of voting and diagonal crosswalks to facilitate safer pedestrian traffic walking to and from school. Visit and click on the homepage link to view all of the fall 2018 winning entries. While you’re there, encourage students to prepare for the spring CAPfolio contest! Students can visit the Contests page for details on how and when to submit their entries.


#WhatItTakes to Make a Difference
Are your students taking civic action? Then why not share it on social media! All students who post their civic action on Twitter will be entered to win one of eight $25 Starbucks gift cards. The opportunity drawing will take place between March 18 and May 29. Simply have your students tweet out a photo and/or message (include school and state) with the hashtag #WhatItTakes or #CRFCAP. Let the tweeting begin!

Students Connect With CAP Youth Board on CAP’s Discuss Page
Are your students in need of tips, ideas, or online resources to successfully complete their Civic Action Projects? The CYB is standing by to address these needs on CAP’s Discuss page! The Discuss page is where your students can go for tips and answers to their questions about the CAP process.

This spring, the CYB will be answering student questions, sharing ideas, and helping students to locate the best resource for their next civic action. Encourage your students to log-in at to “Connect” and “Discuss” their next civic action with the CYB! 

Join Us at Our National CAPExpo on May 1
This spring, CRF will expand our efforts to showcase student work by introducing the National CAPExpo. This virtual event will highlight the efforts of students from across the country completing their civic actions to address a variety of issues important to them. Students can promote their efforts to create positive change to a national audience! Contact Laura Wesley ( for details on how your CAP classroom can participate.