Getting Started With CAP

Create Your CAP Classroom in a Few Easy Steps

Step One. Register on the CAP website.

Teacher/Educator Registration

Step Two. Enroll your students.

Send us a list of student names for each class you wish to enroll in CAP by clicking the Submit Class Roster button below. You can submit your class roster(s) either in the body of the submit message or as a Word document or spreadsheet attachment. We will then create usernames and passwords for each student and send you a confirmation email with this information. Share the usernames and passwords with your students, and they can start posting on the Connect pages and completing the planners.

Your CAP program is now in session! NOTE: Students’ information will not be shared by Constitutional Rights Foundation. We encourage students not to use their full names on the Connect pages.

Submit Class Roster

Step Three.
Teach the CAP lessons and assign the project.

Teach Lessons 1–3 to get your students ready to choose their issue and complete their CAP Proposal planners.

Teach Lessons 4 and 5 to prepare students to take civic actions and complete their Thinking It Through and Civic Action planners.

Supplemental Lessons are optional and anticipate topics that could help students as they work on their projects. These lessons include:

• Law & Policy
• Persuasive Speaking
• Building Constituencies
• Using the Media

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