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Join us bi-monthly on Fridays at 8:30 a.m. (Pacific) and 11:30 a.m.(Eastern) for 40 minute live student webinars led by the CAP Youth Board and featuring dynamic speakers. CAP Live is a great way to introduce students to how they can identify issues, connect them to policy and create real change!


February 26

There’s power in your story & in what matters to you.
This session will help students identify something they care about, why it matters and the power of telling your story.

March 12

Taking action on issues you care about.
Taking action doesn’t have to be scary. See how everyday young people take concrete civic action in ways that are big, small, and some where in between!

March 26

Art as civic action
Hear from artists and learn how they use different art forms to address issues they care about.

April 9

What is public policy, and how do I use it to solve problems?
Students will learn what policy is and see examples of how policy and problems are connected.

April 23

Who does the government work for? You!
Students will explore the different levels of government and how young people can access and interact with government to address issues.

May 7

Be the change! A celebration of youth-driven civic action.

May 21

CAP Live Expo

Students from different parts of the country will be able to share issues they care about and ideas on what could be done to address their issue.

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