Prepare yourself for life outside of high school by joining the CAP Youth Board. Our goal is to recruit  members from various cities/states across the United States.

What CYB members do:

  • Serve as Civic Action Project (CAP) ambassadors.
  • Select the winners of the CAP Multimedia Contest.
  • Help to create student-friendly, civic action resources.

What CYB members receive:

  • A letter of recommendation from CRF.
  • A certificate of accomplishment.
  • Materials for building a portfolio for college or job applications.
  • Virtual college and career seminars and networking.

Eligibility Requirements

    • You have participated in a civic engagement project.
    • Be responsible, committed, and open to learning new skills.
    • Be interested in helping others become civically engaged.
    • Have reliable communication access (phone/email/Internet).

To apply you must:

 Complete the CYB application below.         Submit the teacher nomination form

Application Form | Nomination Form

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