CAP & Blended Learning

The CAP website provides hundreds of resources to help students with the CAP process and is available 24/7. Rather than a “lecture” approach to blended learning, CAP provides documents, videos, and student-created resources specific to the tasks at hand in the CAP Planners.

Additional Blended Learning:

CAP Toolkit. Tips for research and civic actions.

CAP Connect. Discuss: Peer-to-peer coaching. Publish: Academic writing about CAP. Student Work. Examples of Planners, student-created video, Prezi/PowerPoint presentations and more.

Common Core Connections: WHST.11-12.1-6

CAP & Project-Based Learning

CAP requires students to engage in a long-term project that is guided by the inquiry “How can I impact (CAP issue/problem/policy).” As students dive more deeply into their inquiries, new questions will emerge requiring them to:

  • Analyze root causes and effects of problems.
  • Conduct cost-benefit analyses.
  • Research a variety of sources and identify bias in the sources.
  • Communicate with policymakers and community members.

Common Core Connections: WHST.11-12.7-8

Download/View our PowerPoint Presentation: Civic Action Project and Project Based Learning

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