CAP Online Overview

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Civic Action Project (CAP) Online provides a series of recorded youth-led webinars with special guest speakers and assignments.

Session 2 - Standing Up: The Civil Rights Movement 

Session 3 - Strategies of the Civil Rights Movement and Lessons for Today

Session 4 - Getting Started on Your Civic Action Project

Session 5 - Zeroing in on Your Civic Action Project

Session 6 - Office Hours with CAP Youth Board 

Session 7 - Communicating Your Message for Civic Action


Session 8 - Office Hours with CAP Youth Board #2 (at different times of the day)

Session 9 - Preparing for the CAP Expo

Session 10 - CAP Expo 


Students will:

  • Share the work they did over the course of their Civic Action Project
  • Explore and ask questions about the issues and policies that other students worked on

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