CAP’s  Ask the Next Prez campaign challenged students to produce short video questions for the 2016 presidential candidates. The following are featured examples of video questions submitted by students on the hot-button, policy-based issues that have dominated much of the discussion this election season:

College Tuition |  Fighting Terrorism  |  Immigration  |  National Debt   |  Police  |  Gender Equality

Even though they may not be old enough to vote, CAP students demonstrate that they care about the important issues in this election. As a result, they get informed and they get involved.


Click #Ask the Next Prez  for more information about the campaign and to view all the video submissions.  Your students can also visit our #Ask the Next Prez webpage for instructions on how they can add their voice to that of the next generation of informed and responsible voters.

Here are ways you can use CAP to teach about this year’s election and ensure that your students will be part of the solution to declining voter turnout:

  1. Give students the background they need with the campaign-strategy simulation Creating Change Through the Electoral Process.
  2. Get your students involved in the #AsktheNextPrez campaign. Download the Ask the Next Prez - Rubric for Student Videos

  3. Get your students active in their projects on the issues debated right now during the election on CRF’s Election Central 2016 page. There you’ll find lessons and links on elections and young citizens’ responsibilities, including the CAP Toolkit.

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