Ask the Next Prez

In CAP, we connect issues to policy. And presidents make policy. It’s also presidential election season, so it’s a great time to take civic action!

What do you think is the most important issue for the next president of the United States to take on? Immigration? Gun laws? Climate change? National security?

Now, you can ask him or her what policy he or she will propose to address this issue. Even if you can’t vote (yet), you can get the attention of policymakers and movers and shakers.

Here’s how:

Know your stuff. Decide which issue you think is the most important for the next president of the United States to take on. Research your issue.

Make a video. Record a 30-second video in which you identify your issue, tell why it’s important, and ask the next president what he or she will do about the issue. Remember: Don’t direct your question to any particular candidate by name. Make it something any candidate should have to answer. You can phrase your question in one of many different ways. Be sure to restate your issue in your question, too.

  • What do you plan to do about the high cost of college?
  • Do you think [x] is a good way to reduce the cost of a college education?
  • What would be your strategy to make college more affordable?
  • Where does the cost of college rank in your list of priorities? Why?

Put it up. Upload your video to YouTube. Among the tags you use, be sure to include these: AsktheNextPrez and CRFCAP. When you link to your video on social media, use the hashtags #AsktheNextPrez and #CRFCAP.

That’s it! Your video as well as your research are not only civic actions for your project; all the videos with the hashtags are part of the #AsktheNextPrez online showcase. We’ll highlight really thoughtful, knowledgeable videos on the CAP website. And who knows? You may get the attention of the next president of the USA.

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