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Your teacher will be preparing you and your classmates to choose an issue or problem that’s important to you and then take civic action to make a difference on that issue. 

You’ll be joining students in all 50 states are who are working on problems, connecting them to public policy, and doing something about it in their communities.

Students in California have tackled gentrification and issues of affordable housing. Students in Michigan raised awareness about the importance of properly handling battery toxins.  Students in Colorado testified at the state capitol to make policy recommendations on making college tuition more affordable. What you work on is up to you!

Once your teacher signs you up for the CAP website, you’ll have lots of support at your fingertips. You will be able to:

  • Check out more examples of other students’ projects;
  • Troubleshoot with students from across the country and our CAP Youth Board on the student discussion board;
  • Get quick tips on different kinds of civic actions in the Toolkit; and
  • Share your work in national contests.

savvas realizeWe can’t wait to see what you take on!





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