These core lessons provide students with key content and skills they need to begin work on their CAP, which will help them meet The College Board’s “applied civics project” requirement.  All of these lessons also address AP U.S. GoPo Learning Objectives and Essential Knowledge requirements, as well as some key Disciplinary Practices and Reasoning Processes.

>> How CAP Core Lessons Align with AP U.S. GoPo <<

Lesson 1: 
A Different Kind of Government Course

  • Identifying and prioritizing traits  of effective citizens.

  • Defining public policy.

Lesson 2: Exploring How Public Policy Connects to Current Problems and Issues

  • Connecting public policy to issues and problems facing society by examining media coverage.

Lesson 3: Problems, Policy, and Civic Actions

  • Analyzing causes and effects of problems/ issues facing society.  

  • Identifying issue they want to work on for CAP.

Lesson 4: Polling and Surveys as Civic Action

  • Examining the importance and meaning of survey and opinion polls.

  • Considering challenges of and applying sound methodology to polling.

Lesson 5: Introducing Policy Analysis  

  • Introducing policy analysis through case studies.

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