CAP Planner Enhancements

Revised CAP Proposal (doc) — This revised CAP proposal guides the student – Hayley Lotspeich

CAP Research Log (doc) – This log helps guide students through the research process. – Hayley Lotspeich

Revised CAP Thinking it Through (doc) – Hayley Lotspeich

Sample Thinking it Through (doc) – sample Thinking it Through – Jessica Price and Angela Olthoff

Lesson Handouts

Lesson 4 - Handout (doc) – Helps students plan a Civic Action Project – May Ellen Daneels

Lesson 5 & 6 - Handout (doc) – A graphic organizer for Lessons 5 and 6. – Mary Ellen Daneels

Lesson 5 Quiz (ppt) – A quiz on the Chicago Gang Policy. – Mary Ellen Daneels and Allison Baxtor

Lesson 7 & 9 Handout (doc) Blends GRADE and Persuasion – a way for students to assess each others’ arguments. – Mary Ellen Daneels

Blog & Discussion Activities

What’s the Fuss? (pdf) – An activity to engage students on the blog. – Tom List

Going Electronic (doc) – An activity to engage students on the discussion board or blog. – Hayley Lotspeich


Circle Maps - For use with lessons 1, 3, 5 – 14, and the CAP Proposal. -Valerie Felix

Lesson 5 Quiz (ppt) – A quiz on the Chicago Gang Policy. – Mary Ellen Daneels and Allison Baxtor

Group Information Form (pdf) – Form for students to keep track of their group’s CAP progress. – Patricia Vasquez

Project Folder Checklist (pdf) – Form for teacher to keep track of a group’s progress. – Patricia Vasquez

Peer Group Evaluation Form (pdf) – Form for students to evaluate their own group’s participation and contributions. – Patricia Vasquez

Group Evaluation Form (pdf) – Rubric to evaluate a group CAP presentation. – Patricia Vasquez

Written Report Rubric (pdf) – Rubric to evaluate a written report. – Patricia Vasquez

CAP Report Rubric – Scott Marsden, American Canyon High School

CAPFolio Presentation Rubric – Scott Marsden

Resources from CRF
Resources for Lesson 1–14

CAP Web Citizen Assignment: Responding to CAP Colleagues
CRF created a quick assignment to encourage students to respond to each other’s posts.
Using the CAP Web Site with Students: A Discussion with CAP teacher Hayley Lotspeich

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